Friday, March 6, 2009

Well, we got lots of smiles and chuckles today. I'm praising the LORD for that!!! We've had a rough week here at home. Reese finished her antibiotic for her double ear infection on Sunday and immediately started having more seizures. While on the antibiotic her seizures decreased by 75%. The day after...they were back up. So strange...I am giving her a few days to even out and will call the Neuro with my observations. I'm almost afraid to tell him--not totally sure why.
The rest of the girls have been fighting a virus, so please pray that Reese would RESIST it.
Simple pleasures from therapy:
She reached out to spin the wheel on her light box--twice!
She talked to, and reached out to touch Olivia's lion cub (it moves and blinks).

Although the seizures have increased this week, she is still alert, happy, and making some progress in interactions.

One more prayer request: we have an MRI and check up with the Neurosurgeon on Wednesday. We haven't had either in 8 months. Please pray for good news, no surprises, and an encouraging visit. Also...for Reese to sit still for the MRI so they won't give her any sedation.

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  1. i smiled at first when i read your prayer request for reese to sit still for the mri, because that request alone, is showing how far she has come. i have heard it said that you spend the first 2 years of their lives trying to get them to talk and walk, and the rest of their life to sit still and be quiet.
    i am so glad to hear about her laughing and smiling. she is so beautiful and those just prove it.
    i will keep your family in my prayers
    jill b


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