Sunday, April 26, 2009

Answered Prayer

We met with our Neurologist this week for our regular 3 month check up. I have been praying for the last month that God would speak clearly through him regarding the possible "exploratory" surgery. I told him the Neurosurgeon had suggested placing a shunt to drain fluid off of Reese's brain in hopes of "getting more development" out of Reese. Dr. Buchhalter could not have been clearer that "NO", this would not help Reese and it would put her at risk of stroke, infection, distress, etc. He was so clear! I am praising God for his confident answer instead of a "Well it is up to you" type thing. He said everything we had been thinking, including that he really wants us to see a Neurosurgeon at Phx Childrens (ours is at St. Joes) because it is so hard to coordinate neurological care when it is split between two hospitals. So he is working to get us in with the new head of Neurosurgery at the hospital. Then he made me cry. He travels a lot, speaking around the world, so he is hard to see. He said, "If I am in Arizona and Reese needs to see me, I will see her." He is very sweet and truly cares about Reese. It is a wonderful feeling to have people who truly love her around us. I am very grateful.
We are moving forward with the Depakote wean, although it has been a little rough and unpredictable. We will give her body time to adjust and then evaluate the differences. I am faithfully mapping seizure activity. But the good stuff is...Mario took the 3 older girls out last night and I was alone with Reese at home for a long time. It was great! She smiled at me all night with her whole face and her new teeth. It was so much fun just enjoying each other. I loved it and cherished those long, sweet smiles. Too bad I couldn't get a picture!
Thanks so much for praying!!!

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  1. i love hearing good news! you need to get yourself a tripod with a remote. such a beautiful mother and daughter moments.

    are we still on for monday the 4th?


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