Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another fever

Reese has had a mysterious fever for 10 days now. I just took her temp and it is gone as of tonight. If it comes back tomorrow they may want us to come in to do bloodwork, etc. Praying we don't need to do that. We were down at the hospital on Friday and the ER was overrun because of the Swine Flu--everyone with the sniffles was there to be tested! They were even seeing ER patients in our Pediatrician's office. Just great. So, I am hoping we do not need to go down there at all.
We have an appointment with a new Neurosurgeon on Wednesday to get a 4th opinion on Reese's MRI and to hopefully transfer care back to a doc at Phx Childrens. Our Neurologist suggested having all of her docs at one hospital so they can all see each others notes, tests, emails, etc. That suggestion is an answer to prayer, as we have been wrestling with this decision for awhile.
Reese is doing well but still seizing 3-4 times a day. We are still in the middle of the Depakote wean. The only difference I see in her seizures is a close association with sleep. They always come on soon after she falls asleep.
The new picture at the top was taken yesterday--she was so smily, even laughing again! We had a ball with her! Her shirt is a mess, but the smiles are priceless!!:) She is such a joy. She has taught me to lay MYSELF on the altar everyday in surrender to GOD. I cannot do this without HIM!/Users/mariodortenzio/Desktop/3274_92736468382_550968382_2475569_2404629_n.jpg

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