Thursday, July 16, 2009

And we continue to move....

We are still adjusting feeds to try to get through a day without vomit. We went 3 days--yea!!!!--so I tried to increase the volume and she threw up. I guess I got over zealous. Problem is, I am so tired from the late night and early morning feeds. We WILL figure this out!
We dropped the last dose of Depakote yesterday and O boy. The seizures are coming on with a vengeance. I am praying for endurance for Reese and for me to get through the transitional stage. I want that drug out of her system, but obviously if she needs it for better control, we will have to reintroduce it. Please pray for relief for Reese. She had a lot of seizures today and it breaks my heart. She has to put up with so much garbage.
We are ready to get back to a happy place with no vomit, fewer seizures, and lots more sleep.
Once again, God amazes me with his lessons of contentment. I am reading about it everyday in my latest book and I am hearing about it every morning while I work out. Funny how God teaches me in themes but it always goes back to keeping my eyes on Christ, not our circumstances. In doing so, I can live above the circumstance, knowing that HE is sovereign. What a timely reminder--I am so grateful for a God who is mindful of me. Amazing.

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