Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I had to smile...I logged onto the Blog and found that my sweet Faith had "published" her poem. So cute.:)
Reese is good today! We increased her dose of Lamictal and I can tell that she is already brighter and having fewer seizures. Praise God. I look forward to what is ahead. We have one more increase until we reach therapeutic levels--2 more weeks til we get there. Fortunately I see improvements every time we increase, but it is a slow process.
I had such a wonderful week with God. He gave me so much insight--I'm just overflowing! He gave me such a great picture of Reese's life. Right when we had Reese, a friend gave me this word picture and God brought it back to mind this week. Reese is an arrow, shot down to us by our Loving Father, to pierce our hearts. Although painful at first, shocking initially, that piercing has caused us to wake up. That pain has caused us to look up and only up. Because of Reese, I long for God and God alone. Because of Reese, I love Him and know Him so much more. Because of Reese's life, my only desire, my only need is more of God. I adore my family--my wonderful husband and my sweet, precious children. They are an unbelievable gift. I am totally overwhelmed by the abundance God has given me here on earth, not in the form of earthly possessions but in the form of loving people. Wonderful family. Fantastic friends. But nothing on earth is more valuable than the treasure I have in God.
When I look at Reese, I see God in her. The look of pure affection, pure love, pure innocence is a picture of my loving Father. She is love, endurance, selflessness, contentment, peace, patience, gentleness. So is HE. I feel so BLESSED to be her mom. SO blessed. I cherish her. To the world, her life, our life, is sad. People feel sorry for us. I understand that. But to me, I feel so fortunate that God chose us. That He loved us enough to send that arrow. That He cared enough about us to wake us up from the monotony. That He chose to reveal Himself through a precious child. THANK YOU LORD for showing this to me. Thank you for the mysteries that are revealed to me when I trust you, walk with you, and listen. All glory goes to God.


  1. i love reading your blog! i always am inspired by your words. i am glad that reese is doing better. can't wait to see what the drug does at full dose!
    jill b

  2. i love reading your blog. i always walk away inspired. i am glad to hear that reese is doing better. i can't wait to see how she does on the drug at full dose.
    jill b


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