Tuesday, October 6, 2009

happy girl

Reese is doing so much better and is happy too. Yea! She is having 1-2 seizures a day. At least one is very intense, which still concerns me. But as my mom pointed out, one intense seizure is better than 10! Yes, I'm very grateful. And she is smiling so much more and even starting to laugh again. Yes!!! We are scheduled to increase the Lamictal this weekend, as long as our dose comes in from the manufacturer. We meet with Dr. B and Katie, the dietician on Thursday. My next request is to wean her off of one of her seizure meds--either the Zonisamide or the Clonazepam. There is such a huge difference in her affect right after I give her her meds in the morning. I have found myself putting off her morning meds longer and longer because I love my bright, smiley girl in the morning. I know she needs them but they immediately put a glaze over her eyes. Ugh... Lord, give us wisdom!

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