Thursday, April 8, 2010

My husband...

OK...I started getting strange texts and emails that did not make sense to me. They were about the Blog but I knew I had not posted in a long time. Then Mario mentioned that he posted something I had written months ago and had saved. I never meant to publish the last post! I am a little embarrassed, to tell you the truth.:) I was just getting some ideas out of my mind and on paper, saved it, he found it and published it while I was in the hospital! I'll deal with him later...guess it is too late to delete the entry from the blog.:)
Yes, I was in the hospital over Easter weekend with a ruptured ovarian cyst. I feel much better today and I think all is well. Life has been crazy. We are definitely a two-parent family. When one of us is not working at full capacity, it goes a little funky but we will get back on track. Praise GOD for family, friends, and Stephanie (who is all of the above) who stepped in and cared for my family and especially Reese while I was gone.


  1. kerry
    don't be embarassed, you were just sharing from the heart. true words with true emotions.
    jill b

  2. Hope you're healing fast! Life at home is difficult with mommy away!


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