Saturday, April 10, 2010


Reese's seizures are pretty bad right now. She had been doing so well on the combo of Lamictal, Zonisamide and Clonazepam. We saw one episode a day, so I thought we should see if we could finally get her off the Clonazepam. She started having lots more seizures, so the doc wanted us to increase her levels again. We did...and she is still having lots more seizures, even though we put her back on it. I am feeling horrible, guilty, so sad, and wondering what to do next. So much is a waiting game--waiting for her body to adjust to new med levels--but it is killing me. We are seeing doc next week--I hope!--for the next step. Some days are really hard.:) Please pray for protection over her little body, wisdom for us, and a clear next step.


  1. So sorry to hear this, hope each day she improves and with the doctors' direction next week.

  2. i got you guys in my thoughts and prayers.
    jill b


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