Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The power of a thank you:)

My day started early with a 5:45 wake up--no alarm, just my body reminding me there is lots to do. I shuffled downstairs in my well-worn path to the coffee pot. I hear Mario talking to Reese in his goofy voice, "Who dis lady??", his morning hello to her. They interact awhile and it makes me smile.:) 30 minutes later he bellows, "Rise and shine ladies!!" to the other girls who slowly emerge. One is asking me where her pants are and groans when I tell her. Obviously these are not the pants she was wanting to wear. Another comes to the top of the stairs in only a shirt and undies and tells me she cannot find her shorts. "That is a natural consequence to leaving them at school, I guess", I reminded her. Chalk one up to another life lesson taught, I think to myself.:) Mia is dressing up as Amelia Earhart today for the Living History Museum. She comes down with costume in hand. It's a little wrinkled so I quickly run the iron over it and hang it in the garment bag. Faith emerges with shorts...but they are crazy wrinkled and dirty. I send her back upstairs to put on a skirt. "A skirt for golf?" Yes, you are fine. Olivia finally hops down the stairs after a few threats from the kitchen. She's ready to go...only problem is she is wearing Faith's size 10 uniform jumper that is hanging down to her ankles. "No way", I tell her. She pouts for a minute and I walk back up to her closet to find something that fits. Yes, I am about to pull my hair out by this time. Meanwhile, Reese sits patiently in her seat as if to say, "Whenever you are ready, Mom." Thank you LORD for her patience! Finally, finally all lunches are ready, all hair is combed, all backpacks loaded and costumes ready. I shuffle them into Daddy's car and Mia gives me a big hug and says, "Thanks for helping me, Mommy." :) Kisses goodbye and the stress slips away.


  1. Beautiful! I'm sure the morning rush can be a tough one, but having Mia take the time to say "thank you" mom must have melted your heart. I love the new picture on your blog..... Faith and Reese look so pretty together! I'm excited to hear the news that Reese is growing- Praise the Lord for continuing to answer daily prayers!! God is using you and your family in amazing ways :) Lori

  2. Kristen BlanfordMay 20, 2010 at 10:48 AM

    I just read this and laughed... so uniforms don't make it all that much easier, huh? :)


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