Sunday, September 25, 2011


We have been home for a week now. So good to be home. Because the docs determined the ketogenic diet is to blame for the hypercalcemia, we are weaning her off of the diet. So far, we are seeing a few more seizures a day, but we are hoping this is temporary. We are getting blood drawn every 3 days to keep tabs on the calcium and so far so good. The biggest bummer is that now I am cath-ing Reese every 4 hours. Yes, this is life-changing but necessary to keep her from getting UTIs. AFR...anything for Reese!
The GREAT news is that Reese is very happy, smiling, and laughing. We are overjoyed to see her happy again. It is indescribable!!! So now, Please pray for!
Praise the LORD for no cancer, for smiles, for home, for great family and friends who are there for us, and for Mario, Faith, Mia and Olivia who hang in there when life is tough for all of us.

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  1. Love your beautiful profile pic, Kerry and Reese:) May God continue to give you strength in caring for precious Reese!


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