Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our LA INK Story.


  1. HI guys, i just watched your video on FB, wow that is an amazing tattoo, and just a beautiful story and such an awesome family...My daughter is 17yrs old, and was diagnosed at 1yr old..She is pretty good, she runs, walks, but is non-verbal, intellectually delayed, scoliosis, visually impaired BUT night seizures are now controlled..thank god...thanks for sharing..p.s your video is all over FB through a lot of special needs groups..

  2. Just saw your story on L.A. INK & had to tell you i think you are all amazing the way you deal with this. I am a father to 2 young children & only hope that if i'm ever faced with anything half as difficult as this i can do it with the strength & dignity you do. She seems like a very special & beautiful little girl with a truly wonderful family. You are all very blessed to have each other. Take care & look after each other.

    D Morrison


  3. appreciate the feedback guys! ur comments are a true blessing to us! :)


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