Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today is your day

I have a million things to do before you come home from school today. Reese, you are at school and they are having a princess party for you! I love your teachers so much! But before you come home on the BUS, I have to put some thoughts on the page so we can remember together, your 4th birthday.
You are a precious gift from God. I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I am thankful God saw fit to give me such a special, unique, loving child. Some may say you need fixing, but I say you are beautiful. You are perfect and pure. You are content and quiet. You are lovely and sweet. You are gentle and loving. You are a joy-bringer, a smile-widener, a laugh-maker, a peace-provider. We are so blessed to have you in our home. Although the last 4 years have been hard, it has been the best kind of hard. The kind of hard that makes us love deeper, with more passion, and to look at life in a grateful way. The kind of hard that makes us want to know God and has led us to the most beautiful relationship with Him. The kind of hard that allows us to experience peace that can only come from God. The kind of hard that made me take a hard look at myself and fix what I didn't like so I could be worthy to be your mom. The kind of hard that puts everything else in perspective. You have made everything better. We love you little lady. Precious one. My little Buddy. Happy Birthday!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Reese. Bless you on your fourth birthday princess!!! Love the Achterkirchs

  2. Reese is pure love. Praise God for blessing us with her undeniably darling spirit, sweet presence, and abundant, God-inspired life! We love you, Reese!!!

    Mike, Jackie, Brody, and Weston


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