Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, Big Dreams

I asked Faith, Mia and Olivia to think of one big God-sized dream for 2014. One that only God could accomplish in their lives. A dream that was outside their own ability to accomplish. Two of them immediately knew their dream. The other took a couple days to think about it. We committed together to pray every day about that dream and wait in anticipation for what God will do. I have to say, it’s exciting and exhilarating.

I sat down to come up with Reese’s big dream. I put pen to paper and immediately wrote, “No hospital visits”. In my spirit I heard God say, “Bigger”. I crossed it out and wrote “No seizures.” I still wasn’t settled. Don’t get me wrong…I would LOVE those two things. They are God-size and they are my desires. But both represented something she would NOT do. I decided I needed to shoot for something she WOULD do. So, with a little well, if you say so type attitude I wrote “Reese will hold her head up and sit up by Christmas.” There it is. It’s out there.

So, as Mark Batterson says, we are going to work as if it depends upon us and pray as if it depends upon God. Here’s to a mind-blowing, faith-filled, strong, healthy, sitting straight up 2014!

What is your Big Dream?


  1. I love this! When I read your email this morning, I didn't realize that my son was just talking about your girls last night! Ben thought your girls were just the best as he was telling us all about his Phoenix adventures with the Stull's. Now I have something specific to pray about for your family!

  2. Love this! Dreaming BIG and praying BIG for you!!!!! Love you all! Mike Jackie Brody & Weston


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