Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rough Week

It has been a week since our last post.  This has been a tough one.  When the fever broke, the seizures got worse.  Strange but true.  We saw Dr. B. on Wednesday.  He said this indicates a connection between her immune system and the seizures--apparently when the immune system is ramped up, the seizures decrease.  For now, we are still trying some of the "less serious" medications before moving onto the heavy duties.  We really need prayer regarding our next step.  We really have 2 options left and both can have huge side effects, some of them permanent.  I know God will give us the wisdom we need in this decision--we do appreciate you praying along with us on this issue.  Reese is such a trooper.  I cannot believe what she goes through and still keeps her sweet demeanor.  She is unbelievable!  Mario and I took Reese to the Diamondbacks/Tigers game last night.  She was perfect but I think the lights and noise may have been too much for her.  I don't remember baseball games being that loud!:)
So...things are not wonderful right now.  We are hopeful that the new combination of meds will help our current situation.  On a happy note...I got a few smiles out of her las week!!!  Joy upon joy for this mom.  I called Mario, bawling and babbling, to tell him the news.  He took a deep breath and say, "Next time you call me crying, please first say that everything is OK!  That is great news though!"  I think I scared him.:)


  1. Reese is truly a gorgeous little lady with a strong spirit of Christ! We will be praying for you and Reese!

    Love you!

  2. hi guys, i hope you don't mind, but i gave your update to my mom. she wanted to read it to all of her teachers at her school. she read it durring their teachers meeting and is having them all pray for little miss reese. just wanted to pass that along to you guys...
    jill b


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